Reality is Broken pgs. 1-75: questions

1. Do people really like taking videogame breaks at work because it makes them feel more productive?  Or is it because they allow for escape from the boring work world?

2. On pg. 51, it says that “we crave the experience, or at least the hope, of being successful.”  Do all people really crave that?

3. Pg. 44 describes a man addicted to Breakout for 3 months.  This was back in the day when games were made harder because they were mostly in arcades that were designed to take your money.  A lot of today’s games are easier.  Is that taking away from the so-called “fiero?”

4. The author contends throughout that games fulfill a certain flow we need in our lives.  Surely there are ways to fulfill this in real life, too?

5. The author describes games as work.  But work usually has a negative connotation.  Isn’t there a better term to describe “fun work?”


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