answers and comments on privacy

1. Should there be a law protecting against wrongful action taken against someone based on a social-networking post?

I think there should be in certain circumstances.  To me, it seems like taking away some of our civil liberties to penalize someone for things they post on a social networking site.  It’s the same issue as not hiring someone based on race.  You shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate because of posts or pictures that may have been taken out of context.

2. What is facebook’s benefit to keeping privacy settings the way they are?

I found out this week just how much facebook sells and who they sell it to.  Clearly their advantage is advertising revenue.

3. Why can’t a social network like facebook allow a user to go by a pseudonym as long as they have the user’s real name in their records for legal purposes in case the real name is needed?

I don’t see a reason why this can’t happen.  And as long as law enforcement and the legal system are getting warrants to ascertain your information, then it seems reasonable that social networks give them your information.

To comment on the guest speaker we had the other day, I think one of the most interesting things is that anyone thought facebook was private in the first place, or any other social network for that matter.  I have always been super careful to not post anything online that I wouldn’t want most anyone to see.  This goes for ultra-religious stuff, political stuff, controversial opinions I may have, etc.  It also includes photos, of which I’ve never taken any or had any taken of objectionable things.  I’m also really careful about what others post about me.  I know you can never be carefull enough.  But it seems like the best form of privacy settings start with yourself.


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