answers and discussion

1. This goes with a reading we had a couple of weeks ago about what makes someone a journalist.  Should there be some legality that recognizes citizen journalists and gives them the same protection as members of the professional press?

I’m not really sure.  I have a feeling that if this happened, there would be a lot of people recognized as journalists who don’t really follow the ethics of it.  Furthermore, you would have a lot of trouble enforcing normal press laws when “news” is posted by random people on the Internet

2. The Internet is one of the most unpredictable, open entities in the world.  Could a politician win an election these days without using the Internet at all?

This is actually really hard to answer.  I feel like politicians can get their message across in a lot of ways.  I think the Internet is used as a crutch by a lot of people these days, similar to how the movie industry uses CGI as a crutch.  Yes, the Internet is the easiest way to get a message to a large amount of people.  But it isn’t always the best.  I think that even McGonigal would rather have people rally in real life and socialize than do everything online in elections.  In short, people tell me a lot more than a website or social media do.

I think the Internet has actually been somewhat of a negative thing in terms how it affects politics.  Bi-partisan bickering has never been more rampant, with message boards and article comment sections becoming more flame bait than anything else.  Maybe if I do some research, I can find studies correlating election results to the online presence of a campaign.  But I don’t know how they would be able to prove that.


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